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There is no such thing as an average Real Estate transaction; all vary as much as do the people of our great Nation and State. One thing is a constant, though. With over an average of 800 residential real estate transactions occurring daily in North Texas, real estate continues to be a leading and financially sound investment.

DDFW Realty seeks to make all of our transactions anything but average, as we offer a 4.5% Full Service MLS Listing model to our sellers, and we service and represent our buyers at no cost to them. The DDFW Realty model provides sellers with the full exposure and marketing of any mainstream-brand brokerage, but with substantial savings; moreover, our team offers tremendous experience and expertise in buyer representation.

If you or anyone you know is considering buying or selling in the greater DFW Metroplex, call DDFW Realty today to discuss our model and your real estate goals.

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RJ Avery - Broker
Dr Nina Bates

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